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Worldwin Postcard

Best Season wishes and Happy New Year

22nd December, 2015


*** ONE WAY TO BRING ABOUT A RETURN TO SANITY IS TO ADOPT TO UNIVERSAL LOVE WITH *** Http:// from Tasmania - Australia to the entire world Best Season wishes and Happy New Year that will bring you longevity, prosperity good health and wealth in 2017 Wishing you Eva and team


This painting was made by the encouragement of the John Glover Prize,

31st March, 2015


This painting is made in the tradition of John Glover, yet the competition it hoped to entre that uses his name, does not honour the tradition. To my mind, this is misleading at best, and a scandalous at worst. I have in the meantime heard many comments such as: “The competition smacks of cronyism”, “The competition is a platform for mates”, "It is a competition which claims to accept all styles but history has shown this not to be so".

Anyhow, the painting is worth $25,000 and took over 5 months to make. It is oil on canvas with meticulous detail akin to the Pre-Raphaelites. It is now available to the highest bidder. All comments and offers are welcome at


Open Letter for Interested Parties

21st October 2014


Dear Sirs,

“There has been much discussion in the news in relation to the reduction in revenue of Global Post, the reduction in the use of the postal service, and a concurrent reduction in the numbers of postage stamps sold by Globally.

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention information about a not-for-profit innovation which, when put into service, will raise revenue for all involved Governments with, in addition, benefits for ordinary people, companies, service providers and shops. Full information about the innovation is to be found at the Worldwin-Postcards website at . Worldwin Postcard is a charitable organisation established in 2004. Its aim is to provide people with a fun way to send postcards to friends and family around the world. A participant can buy Worldwin-Postcards from 200 locations around the world. Every time a participant purchases a postcard issued by Worldwin, he or she will receive an entry to go into the draw to win $5,000 cash or a holiday for two people to Australia. As well, there is the chance to have the participant’s home town featured on Worldwin’s upcoming television show.

We envisage that the project will bring benefits on a national, and global level. We feel it will open a window on involved countries as a tourist destination, and pass on information in relation to the Nation identity, and what those offer to the world. There is already evidence of world-wide success of the project which we believe is attributable to the fact that every participant becomes a benefactor showcasing to the world their cultural values of freedom and democracy. Large numbers of participants provide incontrovertible evidence that a simple postcard can unite people of the globe and as participants come into contact with and learn to understand different cultures and different values.

There are of course many fundraising public groups throughout the world, serving both national and international interests, but our experience is that the Worldwin-Postcard programme is one of the most innovative programmes and one likely to assist in the process of unifying nations. We hope to raise funds serving those most in need; and we believe that this can be achieved through the humble and traditional device of the postcard.

Should you require further information, do not hesitate to respond to the writer. We look forward to an expression of interest of governments, and Postal providers in the Worldwin-Postcard programme.

Yours sincerely,

Eva Gutray

Tasmania Beem Co WWP


Don't be afraid to ask for "help"

1st September 2014


Don’t be afraid to ask for “help”. There are a lot of people out there that are willing to help you and don’t be afraid to return the favour either join us to learn and pass on knowledge to others with us at to better life on this planet EARTH for all of us. It never goes out or blows out because we are conscious and will not allow it to happen. Think positive, be positive, and circulate in the positive way. With gained knowledge of other cultures you’ll never be steered in the wrong direction. This is the time, for all of us to seek new changes and goals for yourself because with gained knowledge entering your life it means a lot for all of us receptive to new insight not just for you because you are open to learning that you can share with your friends to better relation between nations worldwide Global Friend!

Go now in search of anon and learn more that you can pass to further in your environment with our and only in the world that wish to spread love and understanding between nations no matter of what religious belief or colour as we are the same in our souls that universal creator passed onto us. Do not hesitate join us that your voice is heard, leave your message on our web for other to consider your thoughts for replying.


Expression of Interest for TV Talk Show

24th June 2014


Hope you're doing well. We at wanted to reach out, and see if you feel comfortable introducing us to your connections. We are very interested in pursuing a TV talk show with our Our research proves that people are passionate to welcome such a innovative TV programme reachable on Mobil and various satellite accessories world wide in countries associated with this great programme to reach people and make a connection.

These TV show will bring people and nations closer, and will prove educational for school generally to all people globally. It will be a one and only in the world to reaching out in friendship and understanding to learn any culture that agrees to join and open out to all those people and countries that will join us in these programme.

Reaching for friendships and understanding between humans of these World !

Respectfully Eva


To all of you that risen interest to follow our style of charitable support our reply to your questions:

8th May 2014

"The Government of Tasmania does not get involved in our Worldwin Postcards as the government does not support or fund private companies, unless these are large companies with government contracts, even then, in the light of austerity and government budget cut backs, the government is forced to make many financial cut backs. However, several government officials have agreed that the concept is a great thing for Tasmania but they are in no position, legally or financially, to be involved. Business world is welcome to support us by advertising with us for free.

Worldwin postcard is a solely private undertaking and is a citizen's initiated, charitable institution."


Elderly Immigrants at a Disadvantage in Australia

7th March 2014

Dear Sirs,

As a elderly immigrants we are of a disadvantage. Complaints of misconduct have been raised during past few years. We been subjected to tyranny of those abusing their authority. Those people appointed to help us aren't really helping us people, they been focus on helping themselves.

Just one example:

Supreme court hearing on 15 count of embezzlement been dismissed by DPP on the ground that witness do not speak fluent English. Investigating officer been transferred, and elderly abuse stall. These Natural Justice is expected in Australia?


Share your story with us!

30th January 2014

If you have anything interesting to share about your corner of the world, please email us at and it will be published on our website!


Worldwide Invitation for companies advertise with us with the aim to enhance your business, product or services and allow us rise needed funds for hospitals and the needy

31st May 2013

Charities in Australia rely on the generosity of citizens, we are different we do charity to everyone to you the business world for so little that can't be found nowhere in the world. It is new opportunity for all involved. You have opportunity advertise worldwide, and we have opportunity raise funds for the hospitals and needy, we helping one and other. If you wish to become our supporter, and earn extra income become our associate and distributor of with attached product anywhere in the world or you attach our postcard to your product or service.




Charitable organizations employ skeleton staff by relying on volunteers. is different giving people the opportunity make additional income, by selling our product and postcard of which sales go to charitable use for the hospitals with the exception that our sales representatives retain 10% from the sale. If you use our postcard as add to your product then you pay us only the value of the worldwin postcard

All companies or individual's that producing products, and is too costly for them to advertise why not join us and we help one and other. With our free advertising of your company , service or product we helping you and we helping our non-for-profit organization to help where the help is most needed, and you supporter will in some stage in your life using it as well.

Listing of associates:





29th May 2013

Dear Sirs...

Please consider our proposition to educate not only our own people but the entire world this lucrative way. Let us be the number 1 that care. This project need very little of financing. By selling postcards or e-card with the most important message the money will be secured to make it possible, and also will bring us on the top of the world with these awareness and displayed care for human beings of our world of today and for the future generation.

If you agree with us, and you genuinely care please write to us, and help us make this possible by putting us in contact with people that known how and care. To realize this project we need your help to find such people...

Warm Regards Eva


Australian Society and Culture - Globalizes World of TV.. Educating People Worldwide.. Protect Environment Climate Change on Worldwide Scale...

We are just ordinary persons on a very limited income and we feel like we have an excellent idea for a 'reality' type TV show that will take globally if in proper diligent way produced. We will be able to rise needed funds (Http:// are non for profit organization) with the aims to help the needy and support medical research or anyone who need help. The show will be sponsored and funded with the sale of Worldwin-eCard/postcard where business have opportunity advertise on global scale basically free, their duty will be to honors not winning coupon for the face value of the card in discount for their product on sale. We are happy release our script for the show lay out for some % to support our organization in helping those who need our help. How does one proceed without getting ripped off?

We are looking for a smart company that realizes showcasing people in the public domain is much safer than the Internet and will be much more profitable since most honest people will want to be seen on TV. There are many dating sites on the Internet and not one is on TV where most people are viewing TV every day. Some companies spending millions on TV media advertising? We want to go worldwide where ever there is electricity, mobile phones and televisions that’s why World Win ECard Postcard TV Show will excel. TV's aren’t even necessary, only mobile phones, and ordinary postcard or Internet eCard enter you to participate in the show with ability to reflect Australian society and culture and connect people globally through the shared memory of daily life.

The name and logo were inspired by TV Big Brother we wanted a name that sounded "more like a standard service" to create intrigue, make sound bigger than it really was and leave space for the brand idea to grow. We love this idea of a brand story with different "episodes", rather than something linear and predictable.

Different culture different people, and life style will draw all folks of life. Worldwin Ecard/Postcard sale will sponsor these show in own rights, give participant chance to be involved or even appear on the show, and their spend dollar can be refunded next to purchase on at advertised retailers store or for product advertised.

Participant companies - business imagine all your advertising budget was cut. How could you innovate every aspect of your product or service to make it more impact, memorable and remarkable like the Worldwin-ecard/Postcard. If they can do it with the show, what can they do it with?

Beyond the customer appeal, the other big benefit of having a remarkable product is Tourism awareness no longer languishing un-known in the world. We get to be part of a gang who share the same interests and hobbies. Furthermore, getting into xxx xxx xx xxxx ! is made into a challenge, a job only for the elite as described by their recruitment of participant. You need to create a fine balance of having people that are realistic enough for the audience to identify with, yet are different enough from each other to allow for interesting dramatic encounters. This can be easy combine and dealt with minutiae of pure laughs by trotting the globe and meeting different people rich, snotty, struggling or wise.

How about also using this for brand positioning? XXX XXX XX XXXX ! How we thought about the sort of TV Show we wanted to be, and this is why we gave it an intriguing name. And looking at our website, we sound like the genuine friend of the world that we truly are!

We know the kind of people who does seeking challenges and then wonders why their life sucks? Well, that we are humans, every time something good happened to us something bad was always waiting around the corner.

Karma? Fate? Our own doing? Circumstance?

That's many realize something had to change. So they talk of everything bad or good they ever done and, one by one they going make up for all their mistakes. They just try to be a better person.

Our world is not, the final limit.

These are the story unfolding of the ordinary folks. Its the show mission: to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life... new experiences... and new cultures...

To boldly go and meet people where no average man has opportunity gone before!

Opens with postman delivering a Worldwin Postcard and young student receiving Worldwin-eCard on the Internet. Its point how a friendships are form.. Between cultures over the globe. Finish with rotating globe, popping names of cities and countries that finally stop a star on city and country, and these will be starting point for next show.

Creative. Clever. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strength that all humans have. (Imagination without borders) To boldly postcard or eCard is send by viewers to acquire chance to be call to appear on the show we have the technology to be linked with many country and their viewers.

We have the capability to make the world's best iconic brand for friendships. These show can be that brand. Better than it was before with any other show.. Friendship Become Better. Stronger, and Communication Faster. If you have a problem. If no one else can help. Maybe you can send or mail a Postcard from Worldwin Postcard to solve your problem.

My name is xxx xxx ON xxxx !

This experience is going to make a great show.

Warm Regards Eva


Small Group Protest in Civic Square, Launceston

23rd April, 2013

Small group of Tasmanian citizens seeking the truth why these happening in our state. Is there someone that can offer reasonable explanation to these urgent matter regarding assets of elderly citizens. Why this took such big scale that these people are forced stage a protest at the Civic Square in Launceston Tasmania in front of the offices of our MP's, inviting them to come down and discuss these troublesome problem in our state. WHY? WHY? WHY? Who is accountable for letting happening these things happen?


Fundraiser at Country Club Casino

9th March 2013

We would like to comment on The Great night we had experienced on the 9th of March at the Country Club Casino fundraising charity event held and hosted by Ms Rachel Bassant to raise much needed funds to ship containers to all the needy children in the Philippines.

I find it admirable of all the Tasmanian’s who supported Ms Bassant in her efforts and the generosity of the Tasmanian Public.

We were pleasantly surprised at the wonderful room and atmosphere the casino had made available for this event and also for the excellent service and of all employees and chefs who put on a fantastic menu. It truly added to a very pleasant atmosphere for the evening.

I would also like to mention the entertainment and for those who travelled from Canberra made it a JOLLY evening. My admiration goes out to all those young performers from Tasmania and it’s nice to see young people pitching in for a worthy cause.

It was also nice to see and know the management of the Country Club Casino in Launceston care for the disadvantaged people, and support their employee in her worthy cause to help others.

Our thanks also goes out to you Sir Hardman and all those involved for all the effort and support shown on this memorable evening.

Once again without the support of the Country Club Casino yourself and the Farrell family especially Julia Farrell as Ms Rachal Bassant stated it would not have been possible for her to put on such a rewarding event.