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Our aims tie in with the interests of most Tasmanians, which is to support and enhance the health and well-being of Tasmanians, and at the same time promote our island state to the whole world so those overseas have a chance to visit Tasmania – a place filled with the beauty of yesteryear and the calming delight that is found in our virgin environments.

By joining with us you will not only support our goals, you will also be an ambassador for which ever land you come from when you post our cards. The proceeds from the sale of Worldwin/Postcards will go to our Tasmanian hospitals to secure for you and yours, a better and speedier recovery when their services are needed. And when you buy our cards, we also care for you (as a supporter) by giving you the chance to be rewarded with winning a prize for your efforts to help.

What’s more, we do not overlook our local business and the Tasmanian people on the whole who stand to enjoy the benefits resulting from this worldwide promotion that tells the world that we exist and have lots to offer to the world!!


For decades, Tasmania had to live in the shadow of its big brother, Australia.

Most of the mainland states are well represented abroad within the ‘Come Down-under’ image, but on the whole, Tasmania is not recognised by overseas tourists within that sell. Yet this puts Tasmania in a very choice promotional bracket whereby it can be promoted as a destination in its own right lifting it out of its isolation.

There are other countries experiencing similar issues and we are seeking to welcome these to join ‘us’ with their promotional challenges and thus lifting their global profile with us via a planned TV talk show. The promotional possibilities this offers, which are currently being explored, allows these lands together with Tasmania to gain positive access to the world stage as never before.

The whole World has yet to recognise Tasmania as a destination in its own right rather than being a mere ‘Australian add-on’. So far, most overseas’ tourists go to the well known mainland. Our aim is to challenge this by making a determined effort to turn that ‘add-on’ image around. We are doing this by promoting our island, and what it have to offer as a bespoke destination, via our charity.


By making this charity more visible, Tasmania’s one small charity group ‘Tasmania Beem Co. WW/postcard’ we will help Tasmania become more recognisable. Our dedication to producing the Worldwide TV program, that promotes Tasmania and other participating destinations, will attract not only mainland Australian viewers and studio guests, but also those from overseas. And it will be us, the Tasmanians, holding the key to open the gate of interest in us.

The cities of Tasmania have lots to offer from their heady bygone era to their bountiful, natural surrounding offering modern day, natural adventurers.

One European guest likened the heart of Launceston to a "Venice without canals", she was so impressed with the richness and quality of old world charm that can be still found in several cities across Tasmania.

Yet for too long Tasmanians have been led to believe that our traditional architecture may not have matched the architectural glories of the old-world, but slowly our eyes are looking up at what is around us and seeing it for what it is. Others can see it, but what is more, the townsfolk of the Tasmanian cities also know that their cities are on the doorstep of pristine environments, something few cities anywhere in the world can boast.

"We are exploring ways of marketing that we exist, and are open for the world."

Make it our calling card, and introduce our island state, Tasmania to the world, and bestir tourists with our http://Worldwin-Postcard together with our proposed, innovative TV Show...a show in cooperation with the world’s capital TV stations. This is a worthwhile way to promote their culture, our culture, and everyday citizens in their daily lives for a better understanding between nations. To those abroad, by joining us you gain recognition for your country, your people, and businesses.

Local business will sell "everything" there is to sell for all things ‘beach’ (after all, ours is an island), and bush, but they can also cater for concerts by the local groups, or food-crawls to sample Tassie wine, cheeses, fall colours, winter cosy fire-sides, and budding spring...something the mainland can not sell as Tasmania can...because...Tasmania has it all!!


Within a strong framework of socially responsible inspired individuals to become advocates of social and environmental justice. Our mission is to help individuals move beyond mainstream community struggles. We encourage participants to learn from and join movements working towards sustainable and social models of development. We hope citizens of Tasmania – Australia, and our Global Friends will recognize their own capacity and personal responsibility to impact with our proposal which ultimately influences social change for everyone.

Be in it with us. Become a supporter and a member. Only together can we make a better world regardless of colour and culture.

We can learn from each other to better life for us globally!


P.O. Box 729 Riverside, Tas 7250 Australia