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Worldwin Postcard


I am very keen to help establish a body that will protect the elderly from the kind of institutional abuse that my friend Maria suffered and would welcome hearing from you. I would also like to hear from any others like you who hate injustice and wish to take action to prevent it, and let the nation benefit by learning. Our charity is self supporting by selling post cards and greeting cards and giving free advertising to large or small business or services providers on our coupons and planned proposed TV Show where our members will feature for free.

No begging or junk collecting for reselling. This will be most clean and honest charity in the world that will be embraced by other country in partnerships we believe. Giving us the chance to bring help and recognition for our country and these that join us you do the right think.

To be able help we need your support improve immediate assistance for elderly, hospitals, schools, sporting clubs in our state of Tasmania and over the world with our http://worldwin- non - for - profit charity in the honour of " Maria's Aegis Foundation " from Tasmania - Australia to assist those need it most.

Ebica and Eva the inventors and CEO’s of World Win Postcard/Maria’s Aegis Foundation, become inspired to start a new and fresh approach to rise funds to be able help our country, citizens, and the general business community, we seek to work with those who seriously aim to attain welfare for our fellow country men and women.

If we put the effort in, we only succeed and in turn embrace the ensuing prosperity, and strengthen the deep love for our country for those, no matter their origins. Please join us and together we will make it possible.

To know more, please check our proposition.

With our reputation of providing A-class content we can open many doors. We believe our concept is excellently suited for a “reality” TV show, one that will take off globally.

Gaining people’s participation and interest will not rely so much on marketing but rather on offering them the best deals and products going, which will be shown world wide, it is that will what will create long term interest in the show.

There’s also a bit of salesman ships involved. Obviously, we’re in this to make money for our charity, associate businesses people and our country by gaining recognition for them wide and far.

The broadcasters will gain a great deal, yet pay our organization as little as possible, this to allow us to continue our charity work.

Our part of the enterprise is retain control of who our sponsors are when it comes to who is advertising on our winning coupons for free.

The World Win Postcard/Maria’s Aegis Foundation, for example is a great place for advertising sport, culture events, various commodities, manufacture, services or food.

It’s a great, natural “tie-in” to “tie-in” things that aren’t apt to do so, something that will not happen in our “show”.

One of the key things is we’re looking for is good integration – and therefore giving a lot more value to the general public and small business in terms of exposure to the target audience. A major feature in the exposure is to do this in a subtle manner that gets the message across to the consumer without it being too “in your face”, and this is achievable with the use of our’ non-winning coupons at purchase.

The show will be very situational, it will be able to point at anything and any situation. For instance, it can hone in on a scene of somebody drinking a Tasmanian-Australian, beverage or any similar circumstance. In that way help focus on a business and the use of their products in a day to day way and thereby helping to market their products gently but obviously, rather that just the traditional “Here’s 30 second spot, let’s figure out how we can integrate it into advert time slots”. These products will literally be in the hands or those who bought the winning coupons all the time in the show in some situational manner, - this we call 24 hours, 365 day’s of advertising.

This form of product integration is the better way of consumers and to influence their habits and behaviour patterns.

When the brand is integrated into the content of consumer usage during the show, one does not “channel hope” in the ad breaks because the viewer is so involved in the show, and thus they have seen the brand, making brand placement part of the viewing experience, and at the same time, l inking the message that is displayed their coupons that validate them to participate within the show.

Eva has been saying for years. She said “if you think the 30 sec spot is going last, you’re crazy. And you are going to be broke in 10 years…5 years”.

Her message to sponsors is. “With our way you are in the eyes of public all the time…and for such minimal costs which honour discounts on products that you sell to the value of the coupon “. ( The main feature is that business will have ready product for discounts or will keep the discount open to any product of their choice.)

It’s not just “give me product, give me money : - it’s literally the amount of details that contestants go through during the show.

Our support for TV show and collection of funds for needed causes come from the sales of WW-P, no begging or collection of house donate goods for resales. Our proposal for rising funds assist all involved and will bring benefit for sponsors and supporters.

Become member - sign up and be one who with us cares.


Dear Sirs,

There has been much discussion in the news in relation to the reduction in revenue of International Post, the reduction in the use of the postal service, and a concurrent reduction in the numbers of postage stamps sold by Post Worldwide.

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention information about a not-for-profit innovation which, when put into service, will raise revenue for any Government with, in addition, benefits for ordinary people, companies, service providers and shops. Full information about the innovation is to be found at the Worldwin-Postcards website at . Worldwin Postcard is a charitable organisation established in 2004. Its aim is to provide people with a fun way to send postcards to friends and family around the world. A participant can buy Worldwin-Postcards from 200 locations around the world. Every time a participant purchases a postcard issued by Worldwin, he or she will receive an entry to go into the draw to win $5,000 cash or a holiday for two people to Australia. As well, there is the chance to have the participant’s home town featured on Worldwin’s upcoming television show.

We envisage that the project will bring benefits on a international level. We feel it will open a window on Sisters Countries as a tourist destination, and pass on information in relation to the Country identity, and what each Sisters Country offer to the world. There is already evidence of world-wide success of the project which we believe is attributable to the fact that every participant becomes a benefactor showcasing to the world his/hers Sisters Country cultural values of freedom and democracy. Large numbers of participants provide incontrovertible evidence that a simple postcard can unite people of the globe and as participants come into contact with and learn to understand different cultures and different values.

There are of course many fundraising public groups throughout the world, serving both national and international interests, but our experience is that the Worldwin-Postcard programme is one of the most innovative programmes and one likely to assist in the process of unifying nations. We hope to raise funds serving those most in need; and we believe that this can be achieved through the humble and traditional device of the postcard.


Enhance international trade, fostering cultural and humanitarian exchange to develop economic opportunity worldwide

Act as a liaison between organizations and businesses developing global trade, creating synergy and assisting companies to reach out to lucrative international markets. Supporting efforts from embassies, consulates, multilateral organizations, bi-national chambers of commerce, and businesses promoting global commerce, economic, cultural and social exchange.

Facilitate exchange between countries and improving international relations, assisting with their international trade. History demonstrates political issues take second place for countries with common financial goals.

To realize the vision and flexibility with other organizations to mutual benefit or share aims, the will seek to advance a core number of formal partnership with other organizations to identify synergies and facilitate closer cooperation.

Vision: will expand further as a well established, not-for-profit international organization, obtaining wide acknowledgment for developing global commerce Receive international recognition for developing bilateral relations between Australia - Tasmania and other countries

Add value to members and supporters by developing high level International commercial, cultural and humanitarian missions.

Support the creation of WORLDWIN-POSTCARD TV SHOW globally.

The Tasmania Beem Co WWP Process: request information at on how your business may benefit from it.